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  • Something Anything

    Something Anything is an irregular photographic journal curated by the wonderful Christy-Claire Katien. It’s been running for a few years now and when it happens the idea each time is the same;

  • Totsam

    Similar to the better known flotsam and jetsam, totsam is the generic term for those items discarded by a baby – often thrown out of a pram. Examples of totsam include small toys, fabric books and the classic single glove.

  • Skeuomorph

    My word of the week – Skeuomorph. Meaning to continue to include in design something that harks back to it’s origin (or original design) but is no longer necessary. Most obvious example is the shutter click sound played by digital cameras, despite there not being any moving parts making that noise any more. Some nice […]

  • Hello World 2.0

    Hello. I’m back, after over a year of faffing I’ve moved my blog to a new server and finally to WordPress – thanks Blogware, you were good to learn on but you shouldn’t have stood still. Hopefully my posts will become more frequent now, we’ll see….

  • Pay to be followed by a celebrity

    Pay to be followed by a celebrity on Twitter. Sounds desperate but it is for the charity, and some of the celebs are offering more than just the promise to follow your Tweets. Armando Iannucci for example will also write and tweet five jokes about you, or Tim Key will write a poem about you,while […]

  • Primrose Hill Train Station

    Some rare archive footage of Primrose Hill train station, which would be my closest train station had it not been closed down in 1992. Video provided by City Transport, they have a website here http://citytransport.info

  • ZX81 – Future changer

    Great article this week on BBC on the Sinclair ZX81 computer. It all rings true – this computer basically changed my life. I have my father to thank for that, he bought a second hand ZX81 for the family from a car-boot sale.

  • The Box That Changed Britain

    A fascinating documentary from the BBC on the history of the cargo container box and how it’s revolutionised Britain’s trade and industry since it’s introduction forty years ago. Amazingly it costs more to transport a flat screen TV by lorry from store to the buyer than it does to ship it from half way around […]

  • Anything for $5, anything?

    Fiverr.com is a site that adverties services people will perform for $5…or request for that amount. From what I can see there are some graphic designers working very cheap. Quite liked the I will find out if your date is a sleeze service for $5 or the I will hit on your girlfriend or wife […]

  • 3D Animated GIFs

    Animated GIFS are back.. in 3D. The two frame animations jump quickly between focal points to give the illusion of the third dimension.. . More on http://3erd.tumblr.com/

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