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  • Something Anything

    Something Anything is an irregular photographic journal┬ácurated by the wonderful Christy-Claire Katien. It’s been running for a few years now and when it happens the idea each time is the same;

  • Totsam

    Similar to the better known flotsam and jetsam, totsam is the generic term for those items discarded by a baby – often thrown out of a pram. Examples of totsam include small toys, fabric books and the classic single glove.

  • Skeuomorph

    My word of the week – Skeuomorph. Meaning to continue to include in design something that harks back to it’s origin (or original design) but is no longer necessary. Most obvious example is the shutter click sound played by digital cameras, despite there not being any moving parts making that noise any more. Some nice […]

  • Hello World 2.0

    Hello. I’m back, after over a year of faffing I’ve moved my blog to a new server and finally to WordPress – thanks Blogware, you were good to learn on but you shouldn’t have stood still. Hopefully my posts will become more frequent now, we’ll see….