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  • The Making Of Together Alone

    Together Alone is possibly my favourite album, certainly it’s songs resonate with me unlike any other. The trouble is it’s by Crowded House and so telling anyone who doesn’t know the bands musical canon may well be baffled by this statement, thinking only of the popular but ultimately light weight pop of the hit single […]

  • Polaroid's back

    And by that I mean they are making and selling the Polaroid 600 film again (after Polaroid declared no more film in 2008) – which is great as just last this week I was contemplating throwing away my old camera. Black & White film (which I never found any good) is already on sale in […]

  • Vintage Ad Browser

    Vintage Ad Browser offers a large number of adverts, movie posters, flyers – all organised by type and the decade produced. There are some lovely works of art in the collection, especially in the movie section, as well as some more mock-able print advertising… Look at my TV, look at it! LOOK AT IT… !

  • WhatsApp – free SMS for iPhones

    SMS are one of the most expensive forms of data transfer around, aprox £750 per MB according to one finding (compared to say NASA who pay £61 per MB to receive data from the Hubble Space Telescope). So it's hard not to like this application (despite a name that reminds me of those horrible “Whats […]

  • Foxbase Beta. Remix, Re-Cover & Release

    The lines between re-release, remix, cover or even mash-up are becoming increasingly blurred. Witness Florence & The Machines cover “You've Got The Love” a song for which the original version for most people is actually a remix – it wasn't until The Source put Candy Stanton's vocals over the Frankie Knuckles track “Your Love” that […]

  • Pop-up restaurant CPH Meal

    Wonderful food served simply, occasionally goes the strap line. CPH Meal takes the pop up restaurant concept and throws in social media elements, so that diners can follow the creation of the menu concept, the sourcing of the ingredients – though not the actual menu, they'll have to work out what went where on the […]

  • The Man in Seat 61

    This website was so good I bought the book. The Man in Seat 61 tells you how to travel from the UK to anywhere in Europe and beyond. My first journey planned using this site starts this Thursday, a fairly simple three-train affair from London to Copenhagen, involving my first ever night in a sleeper […]

  • Street View – The Photographer

    Essay from ArtFagCity about the type of photographer Streetview is, as if it was an artist. In fact of course we know it's automated photography, so it should feel totally objective – not influenced by moods, feelings and reactions to surroundings. However the observer, looking through images produced by Streetview can find from the millions […]

  • Isokon Flats

    At the weekend I was fortunate enough to get invited to a party at the Isokon Flats, a building I had admired in passing several times though didn't really know much about. The flats clearly stand out from the other Edwardian buildings in the road and it was great to have a good excuse to […]

  • Why blush?

    New Scientist magazine has piece on 10 things we still can't explain about humans, and blushing is one of them. Why do humans give out a visible signal that we are either embarrassed or lying, what purpose does blushing actually serve? For some it's a real problem, and they'll blush at the drop of a […]

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